Christians Treat the Bible Like a Restaurant Menu

Christians Treat the Bible Like a Restaurant Menu

You cannot choose what spiritual truths you like and ignore those you dislike.

God is not a genie that grants you three wishes.

God is not a vending machine, offering you whatever you want.

God does not respect your free will.

God is not a gentleman.

God is Lord with all authority over angels, demons, and humans.

God saved you. You did not save yourself or give God the permission to save you.

You were spiritually blind and needed sight.

You were dead and needed new life.

You were God’s enemy and needed reconciliation.

You were under the authority of the devil and needed deliverance.

You were broken and needed healing.

You were lost and needed to be found.

You were under the lordship of sin and needed to be set free.

You were a slave to your lusts, the world, and the devil and needed to be redeemed.

You were under God’s wrath and needed propitiation.