Enneagram And Its Practical Uses

“The enneagram sheds light on our inner motivations, ardent longings, and deep sufferings. It reveals the filters through which we view life and how these influence the choices we make. It clarifies ways we are held captive by habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions that we aren’t even aware of or can’t seem to change. Most importantly, it illuminates our true essence as one who has been created in God’s image and how our distorted beliefs and ingrained strategies hinder the full expression of who God designed us to become.”  – Marilyn Vancil, “Self To Lose Self To Find”

[Mulberry Tree Ministries]



  • Security and stress points
  • Paths of integration and disintegration
  • True or false consolations


  • The Types next to your personal Type
  • Lean toward one Type or the other


Three dominant survival instincts (you lean toward one of them):

  1. Self-Preservation Physical comfort and safety
  2. One-On-One Relationship Need for intimate and intense connections and experiences
  3. Social Connection Health and well-being of the tribe


Chart Of Survival Instincts