It’s Not Over, There Is Hope, & His Name Is Jesus Christ

My world came crashing down in the spring of 2004 losing everything. I was mentally, emotionally, personally, relationally, financially, & most important spiritually bankrupt. My charges included legal issues with both the US & NY governments. These were the result of my addiction/bondage of gambling.


While my cases were progressing through the courts. on January 29th, 2007, the Lord broke me, and I came to true biblical salvation in Jesus Christ.  Everything began change quickly and radically as only the transformational power of God’s word & Spirit can do. I got water baptized in July and the Lord started putting amazing brothers & sisters in Christ over me & around me whether it be for discipleship, bible studies, and serving in ministries. The legal side of things came to an end when I was sentenced to 24 months in a federal white collar prison camp in Morgantown, WV from June 2009 through December 2010 followed by 3 months of house arrest & 1 year probation.


I went into prison on fire for the Lord as I had a 2½-year ramp up from salvation in Jan 2007 to entering prison in June 2009. As I like to say, I went from experiencing the power of God’s hand breaking me to a desire to get to know who He was to falling in love with our Glorious Savior while in prison!


Since my release in Dec 2010, it continues to be the most fascinating amazing relationship with Him, since I “chased” the emptiness in the world before my incarceration. I still remember just before going to prison the Lord putting the word “HOPE” on my heart. Being able to look any person in prison in the eyes and with honesty letting them I am not going through what they, I was able to tell them, “It’s not over, there is hope, & His name is Jesus Christ.”


The Lord used me often in prison with other men there and communicating with family & friends this incredible message of hope in Christ. Since my release in Dec 2010, it has not changed. The Lord has blessed me with the amazing privilege, honor, & blessing of continuing to share this message of hope with many other men in various men’s ministries plus various children’s ministries.


I am in awe of His amazing love, grace, & mercy and to see God’s handiwork before my very eyes each day. It gives me a greater desire to serve Him by telling others of this incredible hope in Christ.  As one of my dear friends says often “Only GOD!”     – Frank V.