Salvation Stories

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Congratulations and thank you for sharing your salvation story. God will see it to completion and will hopfully use it to touch anothers heart for Christ

Please fill out the information below, and if approved we will add your story to the website …

    Use the following questions/ideas as a basis to share your story...

    • What or who prompted you to consider Jesus Christ?

    • Were any of your family members Christians?

    • Had you "tried" Jesus before you finally received Christ as Lord and Savior?

    • What was one of the first positive changes you noticed in your life after becoming a Christian?

    • Did the prison/jail ministries lead you to Christ and encourage you in Christ?

    • Have you been a witness to others in jail/prison and the community?

    • Can you give a shout-out to a person who encouraged you in your faith and explain how they helped you?

    • In closing, share with the readers a spiritual challenge.

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