List of Success Values

Many of the justice-involved did not have good values modeled for them. If you would like to add good values to your life, look at the list below. Find one value you want to have more of in your life and ask God to develop it in you.

Inter-relationships between Character Traits <> Attitudes <> Values <> Habits

  1. ACCEPTANCE: approved by others
  2. AMBITION: desire to succeed
  3. APPEARANCE: caring about how you look
  4. BOUNDARIES – HEALTHY: avoid unhealthy situations, acquaintances, activities
  5. COMMITMENT: dedicated to something worthwhile
  6. COMPASSION: caring about others, especially when they hurt or struggle
  7. COMPETENCE: ability to complete a task successfully
  8. CONSISTENT: reliable and unchanging
  9. CONTENTMENT: fulfilled, but not complacent
  10. COURAGE: progress through uncertainty and risk
  11. CREATIVITY: inspiration to make new things and think new ideas
  12. DISCIPLINE: self-motivation and commitment
  13. DISCREET: maintain privacy in what you say and do
  14. EDUCATION: GED, high school diploma, college, etc.
  15. EMOTIONAL HEALTH: being aware of your feelings and managing them
  16. ENDURANCE: having the stamina to not give up
  17. ENERGY: contributing momentum and ideas
  18. ENTHUSIASM: intense excitement
  19. FAIRNESS: not biased and avoid favoritism
  20. FAITH: belief in Jesus Christ and in yourself
  21. FAMILY: a group of people you are a part of
  22. FRIENDSHIP: belief in, commitment to, and enjoyment of likeminded people
  23. GENEROSITY: freely give of your time, money, and talent
  24. GIVING: specifically support a cause with your money
  25. GOOD DEEDS: meeting needs with your actions
  26. GRATITUDE: an attitude of appreciation
  27. HAPPINESS: good feelings about your life and circumstances
  28. HELPFULNESS: doing good things to meet the needs of others
  29. HONESTY: truthfulness, trust
  30. HOPEFUL: confidence that your life and future are meaningful and purposeful
  31. HUMILITY: belief that God is the source of all that you have and are, without pride
  32. INDEPENDENCE: able to take care of yourself
  33. INFLUENCE: inspire others to take action or support a vision/purpose
  34. INTEGRITY: possessing exemplary character
  35. JOY: belief in the constant support of God through all of life’s circumstances
  36. JUSTICE: fair treatment of all with a concern for the needy, poor, helpless
  37. KINDNESS: treating others with respect, warmth, and considerate
  38. LEARNING – BEING A LEARNER: being curious and motivated to increase knowledge
  39. LEISURE TIME: making time for enjoyable activities or enjoying downtime
  40. LISTENING SKILL: let others speak and listen with understanding and affirmation
  41. LOVE: selflessly care about others and seek their good
  42. LOYALTY: support for and allegiance to a person or cause
  43. MATERIAL POSSESSIONS: personal possessions
  44. MODERATION: not be controlled by any substance or activity
  45. MONEY: getting money, saving it and managing it wisely
  46. ON TIME – PUNCTUAL: avoid being late and communicate if you’re going to be late
  47. PATIENCE: willingly persevere through difficulties and challenges with joy
  48. PEACE: a stabilizing contentment in the soul
  49. PERSEVERANCE: refusing to let obstacles or delays impede progress
  50. PHYSICAL HEALTH: getting enough sleep, proper nutrition and exercise
  51. POPULARITY: being liked, approved and accepted by many
  52. PREPARED: set goals, improve skills, and attain knowledge to succeed
  53. RELIABLE: trustworthy and consistent
  54. RELIGION: learn of and love the Lord Jesus Christ and others
  55. RESPECT: regard others with esteem who are made in the image of God
  56. RESPONSIBLE: conduct that accepts and manages obligations successfully
  57. SECURITY: free from danger, protection from fear
  58. SELF-ESTEEM: feeling good about self-worth and value to others
  59. SELF-CONTROL: keep emotions under control and maintaining discipline
  60. SENSE OF HUMOR: being able to laugh and not be too serious
  61. SOCIALLY APPRPOPRIATE: behaving acceptably in all situations
  62. SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY: loving God and others, reading the Bible and doing good works
  63. SUBMISSION TO AUTHORITY: respecting authority with humility, as to the Lord
  64. SUCCESS: achieving expected results, completing tasks, and reaching goals
  65. THANKFULNESS: gratitude without complaining or negativity
  66. TRUSTWORTHY: reliable, consistent, others’ confidence in you
  67. VITALITY: being physically strong and mentally engaged
  68. VULNERABLE: honest and transparent before God and others
  69. WISDOM: applying knowledge to create solutions and make good decisions
  70. WORK: vocation, employment, earning money